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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 22, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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money. it's going to a very good cause. jillian: absolutely. very cool. love it. rob: thank you so much. carley. that will do us today. happy wednesday. tomorrow is already thursday. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ steve: good morning. it is wednesday, april 22nd, 2020. last night president trump laid out his details of his plan to suspend immigration for 60 days, vowing to take care of measuress first. >> we have a solemn duty to ensure these unemployed americans regain their jobs and livelihoods. by pausing immigration we will help put unemployed americans first in line for jobs. we must first take care of the american worker. ainsley: the president expected to sign an executive order on that today as the house is set to vote foam on phase 3.5 of the coronavirus relief bill.
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brian: yeah. is he going to make some changes to that nobody coming in clause. griff jenkins is live from washington on more than the nearly 500 billion-dollar plan. by the way $500 billion we don't have griff. but i don't want to hold you up with details. what are the details? griff: well, let me give it to you, good morning, brian, ainsley and steve. congress is half way there. as you mentioned, ainsley this is 3.5. this is not even phase 4. the senate passed 484 billion-dollar relief package. let me show you what's in it. 321 billion for the ppp that ran dry. 60 billion-dollar for economic loans and grants. 75 billion for healthcare facilities like hospitals and 25 billion for national testing. rand paul opposed it for the mounding debt it brings but ultimately did not stand in the way. he hinted it may be time to halgt the spending. >> it's time to think about the amount of debt that we're adding
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to our country. and the future impact of that. but, until we can begin to open up the economy, we can't spend enough money to solve the problem. will. >> now this head to the house. members have been called back to washington. it's expected to pass tomorrow. the state is set for potential showdown over rules. speaker pelosi overhaul the process to allow some mexico to cast votes by proxy for others unable to return to washington. >> we have to pass a move to enable proxy voting so the ppp will be on the basis of presents and voting. and then we will go from there. griff: minority leader mccarthy says not so fast. what are the details of this proposal? how will it avoid potential abuses of power and when do you expect this proposal to be made public input of changing 200 years of house precedent would merit. this is only a interim step.
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that's not likely to satisfy g.o.p. members. some of them may support finding now ways of doing business given realities. this is after all washington. we are talking about doing things the hardest possible way. we will find out what happens next today when speaker pelosi holds her conference call at 11:00 a.m. with her caucus. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: all right, griff. thank you very much. reporting live from washington, d.c. at 6:03. so we just heard ainsley and brian from, kevin mccarthy saying, you know, 200 years of tradition can't go out the window essentially. however, if you look at what the house of commons over in england decided yesterday, they essentially are throwing 700 years of tradition out the window. they're going to start meeting via zoom to figure out how to run that democracy. meanwhile, here is senator marco rubio on why it took so long to get this deal done. >> let's do the small business. it's ready to go now and work on the next seven days and get to
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the hospitals. you don't have to pair these things up. everyone is for both of these things. but one of them was ready to go right away and one of them was not. this was held up for one simple reason. they wanted a hostage use as leverage to negotiate on the topics that they wanted when in fact we could have done these things and done them separately and they both would have gotten done. steve: i think what he is referring to regarding hostage is the fact that the republicans wanted the testing to be done at the state and local level whereas the democrats wanted it more nationalized because that has been something that has been a thorn in the side of the president. nonetheless, brian, you know, when you look at the amount of money that they are going to approve tomorrow with the house, 320 some billion according to griff. according to pnc banks that is not going to be enough to satisfy the loans that people have already applied for.
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brian: yeah. ainsley, why don't you take it from here. ainsley: yeah. the banks are giving out 50 billion a day. and so they are saying they are going to run out of money very quickly. but businesses are panicking. they just want to stay afloat. they're wondering what feigns for their families when they come back. it's good it's bipartisan we have mnuchin working with schumer and meadows. they are talking. it's bipartisan. they just want to put companies back out there. they want companies to open up. they want people to do it safely. some of these states that are coming back to work, they have been criticized because many of the democrats or many people feel like they're opening up too soon. lindsey graham even criticized georgia for opening up too soon. but then you have got the other argument hey, look, each safety is different. some states are able to open up. other ones aren't. new york is not going to open up for a while but maybe georgia okay brian? brian: yeah. a couple of things. number one, on, this marco rubio simply said. this. he was really the brains behind the small business and the push. he took the lead. and he said, look, it was so
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popular we needed more money. and then nancy pelosi goes away for 10 days while saying i'm going to need money for hospitals and other things that were not in an emergency situation. that's something to be in rest could i for. so she extended it. left town, didn't vote on it. put stuff in and then acts like she is the hero along with senator schumer who comes out and said well, they better learn next time we have got to do this in a bipartisan way. hey. this wasn't a deal. this was typically prove one small portion of a 2.2 trillion-dollar package. and, important thing yesterday was the best press conference and most informative press conference the calmest press conference and i fully give credit to bret baier kicking out john roberts and taking the front seat. no one was playing petty. what i think they said yesterday was some of these bigger companies and colleges like harvard and i'm so glad i decided not to go there. they are taking money from small businesses going past the 500 personal limit and shake shack
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and pot belly and others and they simply said look it, i'm not going to prosecute you. i'm going to come out and be honest with you. give the money back and all is forgiven. my goodness how disingenuous and harvard saying i want to help out students that need help? that's why you have that endowment if you are that concerned. there are other colleges who have students that need help. and didn't get $8 million. here is what the president said. >> harvard should pay back the money. they shouldn't be taking it. harvard is going to. you have a number of -- i'm not going to mention any other names but when i saw harvard. they have -- one of the largest endowments anywhere in the country. maybe in the world, i guess. and they are going to pay back that money. brian: yeah. so that was steve mnuchin saying i'm not going to press it but that's not what should happen. the banks should have stopped it, too. it's all new to everybody. here is what jason newton from
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harvard media relations said caught me by surprise different than everybody else. harvard hasn't supplied or received any funds through the u.s. business administration paycheck protection program with small businesses. reports otherwise are inaccurate. president trump is right that it would not have been open the for our institutions to have received funds designated to struggling small businesses. harvard has been allocated funds as part of the cares act higher education emergency fund. harvard has 100% of these higher education emergency funds provide direct assistance to students facing urgent financial needs due to the covid-19 pandemic. they have the resources. shake shack has other options. all these other companies have other options. here is what steve mnuchin said. >> there are severe consequences for people who don't attest properly to the certification. again, we want to make sure this money is available to small businesses that need it. people who have invested their entire life savings.
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steve: all right. so there you have got steve mnuchin and essentially don't know who made these mistakes where harvard wound up with money, where shake shack, they have already said they are going to give it back and the president last night tweeted that harvard needed to get it back. they have a huge endowment. oh maybe we should start looking at their endowment which is, i'm sure, not good news for harvard. meanwhile yesterday. ainsley: steve, can i piggy back on that. steve: yes, ma'am. ainsley: president said the endowment is the largest in the country if not the world. hats off for shake shack for giving that money back. they were criticized for even applying in the money. in the beginning all of these companies and restaurants just heard we are going to take care of you, you don't have to pay it back and they applied. maybe they are regretting it now. we haven't heard from ruth chris and several others. 94 companies publicly traded and they got money 365 million in
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small business loans. this is meant for small businesses help the mom and pops restaurants the ones that own one little restaurant or five small restaurants. not these people that are millionaires. one with -- some with market values over 100 million got the loan money. the typical amount of loan money is 206,000. the maximum amount they can get is 10 million and that's what shake shack got. steve? steve: exactly, ainsley. and we heard yesterday from a guy by the name of billy green who is a small business person, he went directly to a small bank to get his loan and it worked out. but a lot of his friends told him, also small businesses that they went to their big banks and the big banks said they did not have any money for them. and, in fact, i know one family member who has been trying to do it. they were told by a big bank essentially we are looking just at the bigger companies because we can actually make more money. ainsley: make more money. i have heard that, too.
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steve: one of the other things the president said yesterday, actually 36 hours ago via tweet was that he was going to suspend immigration for 60 days. he said very clearly he wanted to stop the flow of coronavirus. he wanted to protect american jobs and also conservative vital medical resources. here's the president last night. >> this order will only apply to individuals seeking a permanent residency in other words, those receiving green cards big factor will not apply to those entering on a temporary basis. as we move forward, we will examine what additional immigration related measures should be put in place to protect u.s. workers. we want to protect our u.s. workers and i think as we move forward, we will become more and more protective of them. steve: so what exactly does it mean? right now they will stop issuing green cards. but it does not block guest
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worker programs. it will allow for seasonal farm workers to continue into the united states to work and harvest the crops. most immigration visas currently approved are for people who are related to people who are american citizens. so, somebody lives in another country, they have got a relative in the united states, they get a visa, that, ainsley, is where most of the visas go. ainsley: ted cruz, he looked at the situation and said there are 22 million people out of work. let's focus on the americans first. here he is. >> the whole purpose of legal immigration is supposed to benefit the economy. when you have 22 million americans out of work, they need to get the jobs. this is a crisis and we need to get americans back to work. i think halting, bringing in legal immigration, and i say this as the son of a legal immigrant. i believe in legal immigration as long as it benefits jobs.
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but when you have a catastrophe unfolding, bringing in millions of additional workers before the americans get hired, that doesn't make any sense. brian: and when the president came out, when the president came out yesterday and said okay, i said i will pause for 60 days. but he also added for ag workers, for families and even you mentioned yesterday the youu pair, ainsley for middle class families. they will be allowed to come they allow people like to you work and do a job and get up at 3:00 in the morning. ainsley: right. brian: he's showing is he not tone deaf to certain industries that need those legal work visas to come here. so that's important. ainsley: right. brian: let's go out to jillian. jillian, have you promised to give us the news. jillian: that's right, good morning to you. iran launching first military satellite into space. fox has told our intelligence agencies are working to confirm
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if it actually reached orbit. this follows several recent launch failures. tensions at sea. just the last week, armed iranian boats were caught on camera conducting dangerous maneuvers around u.s. warships in the persian gulf. we will keep you updated when we get new information. now to this: the northeast cleaning up damage after powerful storms roll through the region. a possible tornadoes touching down in toms river, new jersey. wind gusts so powerful, a trailer is flipped on its side as hail pelted parts of connecticut. >> that is hail. jillian: take a look at this a giant waterspout caught on camera at the jersey shore. a lot of hard weather out there. tom brady is having an epic reaction after hearing former patriots teammate tom gronkowski will be joining him in florida. watch this
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♪ ♪ ♪ bad boys for life. jillian: brady posting this video from last. gronks traded to brady's new team the tampa bay buccaneers a year after announcing his retirement. tampa gets gronk in the seventh rounder and patriots will get a fourth rounder. that's the word on the street right now. steve: they are back together and suddenly tampa is such an interesting team to watch. all right, jillian, thank you. all right. 6:15 here in the east now. dozens of inmates have been released over covid-19 concerns, rearrested for new crimes. one new york sheriff says he's not surprised and has a warning for you. he joins us next.
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♪ brian: new york mayor bill de blasio seems surprised that criminals released from prison overcovid-19 concerns which are legitimate committed new crimes landing back behind bars. >> i think it's unconscionable just on a human level that folks were shown mercy and this is what some of them have done. we are going to keep, you know, just buckling down on it making sure there is close monitoring and supervision to the maximum extent possible and the nypd is going to keep doing what they're doing. brian: they will keep committing crimes about. 1500 city inmates were granted early release. at least 50 have reportedly been rearrested. some multiple times. >> joining us with his take is suffolk county sheffer roll do f
3:21 am
errontulan. >> thank you for having me on this morning it. is a little surprising that he did admit that it is a mistake to release and even look at some of these individuals. you know, 1500 individuals eliseed from the new york city department of correction is a difficult task to try to monitor them. if you think about what the police department is going through with the amount of individuals that are quarantined right now, their staff that have been diagnosed with covid-19, going out into the community to try and keep crime down in new york city. we have seen last year new york city police officers being doused with water. we saw recently in a couple of videos of new york city police officers attempting to make an arrest on a street where one officer was punched from behind and that the individual was fleeing down the street, people in the street are yelling run, run, run. we saw a new york city police officer down in the transit by the trains being kicked three times on the third kick she was actually propelled onto the
3:22 am
tracks. i don't understand why people are surprised by this. we all knew this. i can tell you as the weather gets warmer and government eases restrictions, we will see the ripple effect of nationwide of almost 16,000 people that have been released from our custody. we're going to have some issues in our streets. brian: it's the pressure on you men and women. actually going up to good citizens and say separate. don't play in the park. you are not allowed to go shopping here. and then you have got to go up to criminals and try to relasso them and put them back in some case deservingly behind bars. if you do acknowledge, like i do, that there is a problem with corona behind bars. how does suffolk county handle it as opposed to new york city who is just letting people out? >> we were very fortunate. my team started planning the first of march. right now only one inmate tested positive. we have a few staff members that have tested. but the implementation of proper
3:23 am
procedures and protocols, working with our medical staff has really enabled us to really reduce the introduction of this virus into our jails. brian: it's incredible. and what's more incredible is that sunday press conference when he walls surprised this was hang. think about this. if you are that woman who was joked by this guy or whose door was put on fire by a different released prisoner who has no business being out. so our rights are being taken away on a daily basis. and the prisoners are getting their rights reissued. so it's just unbelievable. sheriff, thanks so much. hopefully people will wise up soon. >> thank you very much, brian. steve: all right. still ahead on our show, joe biden will launch his official search for a vice president soon as the far left pushes their pick forward. who could help him win or who could hurt him with the progressive vote? lawrence jones gives us his predictions. that will be next.
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♪ steve: come the first of may, joe biden says now he will officially launch his search for vice president with a panel of selectors. and he knows which qualities he is looking for in his number two. >> the first and most important quality is someone who, if i were to walk away immediately from the office for whatever reason, that they could be president. have to be intellectually simpatico. on the same wavelength, someone you completely trust. steve: progressives are already weighing in on who they think he should pick. who could help or hurt with biden on the ticket. here with predictions is fox news contributedder lawrence jones. lawrence, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. happy to be back with you. steve: it's great to have you back as well. talking about something else in
3:29 am
addition to the pandemic. let's do talk a little bit about joe biden. he announced that by may 1st he is going to have a selection panel. whoever the panel comes up with and it sounds like they may win know it down to about 3 people by july, whoever joe picks, that's going to signal to progressives however to the left he is willing to be pulled, right? >> right. i mean, he kind of boxed himself in though. he went out there and said that he had to pick a woman. and so it limited a lot of the candidates that i would say. he needs a stacey abrams who is not proven. she didn't win her race in georgia but she a progressive and that's the crowd that he's trying to please there has been some rumor about amy klobuchar. i don't know what shield do to help him because, remember, is he supposed to be moderate joe. so he already has those voters. he i could pick elizabeth warren
3:30 am
another woman that is progressive. but, again, he also has another problem. it's not just the progressives. he is going to have some problems with independents. there is this question if he is fit for office based on the gaffe and not remembering things. i would say if he didn't box himself in, he should have chose a cuomo. joe biden has been mia during this coronavirus. during the past president has dominated ratings. america is watching. the only democrat that has gotten national audience is cuomo. and cuomo has been someone that me personally i disagree with his politics but he has been pretty good on the national stage but, again, biden can't choose him because he already said he is going to choose a woman. steve: don't you there is a possibility. i agree with your analysis about andrew cuomo he has been on tv every day with his briefings from new york city. don't you think that he could
3:31 am
always say he joe biden, you know what? circumstances have changed and i'm looking for somebody who has handled this pandemic on the forefront of everybody's mind so i'm interested in mr. cuomo then again governor whitmer has been handling it from her point of view out in michigan as well. those two are actually dealing with the same thing we all are dealing with every day. >> well, you know, if he was to change his mind, and it would hurt him politically as far as the woman and choosing man. from the governor's standpoint, there is a lot of democrats in michigan that don't like her the way that she has handled this situation. in contrast, when it comes to andrew cuomo, both republicans and democrats although there may be minor differences, most of us agree that he has done a pretty good job. and so joe biden is in a real
3:32 am
pickle right now because he hasn't been around and when it comes to the fitness for office, i mean, typically i would say vice president doesn't matter. it doesn't matter but when you have someone as old as joe biden and demonstrated he can't remember stuff it does matter. what about michelle obama? she is likeable and higher approval rating than even president obama. as we know will michelle obama doesn't want to run. she has never liked it. as someone who was former democrat who worked on the obama campaign in 2008, she didn't like the whole political scene. she loves people but doesn't like it from a political aspect. i don't think she is going to get in. steve: well, let's see what joe decides. the selection committee starts on may 1st. lawrence jones, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thanks, brother. nice seeing you. steve: you beth. stay well. stay safe. meanwhile, the house of representatives set to vote on another relief program tomorrow,
3:33 am
but nancy pelosi could change the game. congressman michael waltz here with reaction. he is coming up next.
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it's easy and safe to give. if you are in good health, please donate. we need heroes now. visit red cross blood dot org to schedule an appointment. brian: we're back with a fox news alert. overnight iran launching first military satellite into space. fox has told u.s. intelligence agencies are working to confirm that the satellite actually reached orbit. steve: this follows several launches and failures including this launch in february as you can see right there the satellite fell short into making into orbit. ainsley: successful this time though. at the same time iran is bragging about the navy's capabilities. last week iranian boats caught on camera recall performing dangerous maneuvers around our warship in the persian gulf you may remember.
3:38 am
let's bring in michael waltz served in afghanistan member of the house armed services committee. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning, with your military experience, we wanted to ask you about this. what does this mean for us? the president at the beginning of the month iran is planning a sneak attack. they will regret it. we will fight back does. this mean they can spy on us? how will they use these satellites? what's your reaction. >> first thing in terms of satellite this is why we need a space force. we are not alone up there our entire economy is dependent on what is up in space. and the chinese, in particular, but also the russians and other countries have developed the capability to take those constellations down and our entire economy and modern way of life depends on it. number two, a missile that can put a satellite up in space can also carry a nuclear war head. and so for critics of the president about withdrawing from the iran deal, it's not just about making the bomb. it's also the missiles and those
3:39 am
components. the ability to put it into a war head and all of those other pieces that iran has been advancing forward. that's why keeping the sanctions in place is so critical. that's why being able to have the defenses to take these things out is also critical. the president has been absolutely right on this all along. brian: congressman, i think it's kind of interesting to see a country with whose economy is flat on its back, who has embarrassed itself by shooting down a passenger jet. who lost its chief commander thinks this is a priority for them knowing that they have been destroyed by the coronavirus and they lost a lot of -- some of their upper echelon and their government has died from it. why are they doing this now? >> well, because the iranian regime seeks to dominate the middle east and it seeks to project power. it has a long history of
3:40 am
creating external crises or doing things like this to divert its populist from what's crumbling within. that's why you are seeing even after the iran deal and the obama administration spent literally billions into tehran. you are still seeing daily protests because the people never saw that money. the regime doesn't care about -- doesn't care about the iranian people. those moneys went to buy russian weapons in moscow and went to fund terrorism across the middle east. and obviously to continue building a missile program that could eventually carry a nuclear weapon. so, this is part and parcel for what the regime does and how it basis. you are right it. is struggling right now it. is barely exporting any oil. it cannot care and provide services for its people. yet, it's going to continue to march towards being what it sees as a dominant regime in the middle east. that's why the united states has to stand firm with israel and to
3:41 am
what contain that what is a very dangerous regime led by the ayatollah. steve: congressman, you are in jacksonville, florida, your home right now. you have to figure out what to do about tomorrow it. looks as if the house, after the senate passed the big relief program, looks like you're going to have a vote tomorrow. the big question is exactly how will you vote? kevin mccarthy, your leader, wrote a letter to nancy pelosi and said what are the details of this proposal? how will it avoid potential abuses of power and when do you expect this proposal to be made public for the necessary scrutiny and member input that changing 200 years of changing house precedent would merritt? what is he talking about there is a proxy vote. perhaps england is actually leading before the united states because yesterday it was announced that the house of commons, kicking 700 years of tradition to the curb. is going to start meeting to
3:42 am
talk about their democracy via zoom. is that something we can do? >> look. you know, in the military, as a green beret and heck even a business. you lead from the front. and i don't understand why speaker pelosi has had us out of session for almost a month. i guess she is very comfortable in her kitchen in california, but nearly million floridians i'm representing expect us to get to work. i am ready to get to work. i think it's fine if you have a few cases, if we have representatives that have underlying conditions and don't want to travel. but, at the end of the day, any changes to how the house of representatives have operated for 200 plus years needs to be bipartisan and needs to be discussed. and, you know, again, speaker pelosi has a history of dropping things on us like she did for the last stomach columbus
3:43 am
package the night before with only a few hours to read through. that's not acceptable. i'm ready 230 get to work. i'm ready to take those votes. if we can have people in ambulances and our healthcare workers and folks in grocery stores and all those brave malcolm jenkins that are out there taking risk, i'm ready to take risk too. ainsley: the american people don't care how it's done if it's zoom or proxy which means someone can vote for you if you can't make it there. as long as it's done legally american people screaming give this money to the small businesses. is there a problem? >> no, i can't overstate how desperate things are becoming for our economy. the bottom has fallen out. we have to get to work. we have to help them. she has held this vote up for over a week now. let's get to work. i just can't say it strongly enough. we are ready to go and let's go.
3:44 am
brian: i really love what governor desantis is doing. he is looking at florida in a way in which not -- not one size fits all. jacksonville has worked out. how do you view what the governor is doing in florida where the north it seems okay. miami is going to be a special circumstance. central might be next as opposed to georgia who is opening up salons and gyms right away? what's your reaction? >> >> i think this needs to be a localized approach like you are saying, brian. it needs to be bottom up. the president is looking to the governors. there is a role -- the governors are looking to local officials. i think there is a role there north florida is having a very different experience than, say, miami which has been a hot spot. wyoming different than downtown manhattan. and so at the end of the day this is about personal responsibility if you are out
3:45 am
jogging in a beach or going to a park or grocery store we need to uphold the guidelines. also, going forward, back to the legislation, you know, i do want to see a payroll tax holiday. and i do want to see liability protection. as we begin opening up, we can't have ambulance chasing trial attorneys starting to sue these businesses because they didn't like how we handled a certain way or we have had cases already where employees get sick and then they start suing their employer. i want to see those in future legislative packages. that's why there is no reason why we should still be in recess. the american people expect their congress to work for them and these are the types of things that we need going forward. steve: all right. joining us via skype from jacksonville down in florida where the beaches are open. congressman, thank you very much. ainsley: thank you. >> all right. thank you, guys.
3:46 am
steve: all right it. is exactly a quarter before the hour and jillian joins us from our headquarters with the headlines. jillian? jillian: that's right. good morning to you. let's begin with this fox news alert. a chilling warning from the cdc. a stronger second wave of covid-19 could be just months away. director robert redfield sounding the alarm in an interview with the "the washington post" saying in part, quote. there is a possibility that the assault of the virus on our nation next winter will actually be even more difficult than the one we just went through. however, white house task force member dr. deborah birx down played the possibility citing expected advancements in treatment. the fight against covid-19 taking flight in connecticut. the west port police department now testing pandemic drones. they can detect body temperatures using heat maps like this. it can also read heart rates and detect coughing or sneezing from 190 feet away. also measure social distancing. the circle is determine if they're 6 feet apart.
3:47 am
green is good. red obviously bad. interesting. a glimpse into the lives of first responders. tugging on american heart strings. take a look at this. a quarantined firefighter stopping by his north carolina home for a quick kiss from his daughter through a closed window. the huntersville fire department posting the picture writing, quote: this is what a hero looks like. and the we certainly agree and thank him for what he is doing. ainsley: oh, so sweet. that has to be so hard for these parents. jill gizelle i know. ainsley: thank you, jillian. hand it over to janice who joins us via skype. are you in the weather center in your basement? janice: yes. the weather center is in my basement. we are doing the job. let's take a look at the maps. we have the potential for severe weather. another severe weather outbreak over parts of the same areas that have seen tornadoes over the last several weeks. so texas, oklahoma, arkansas today through portions of mississippi then alabama and georgia tomorrow. large hail. damaging winds and tornadoes
3:48 am
will be a possibility not only today but also tomorrow and in to friday. we will certainly keep you up to date from my basement and make sure you know where you are going to get those watches and warnings. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. brian: thanks, janice dean. see you soon. the fda just approved the first coronavirus test kit. can you take it home. how great would this be? commissioner dr. stephen hahn joins us live to explain "fox news live" moments. we're also offering flexible payment options for those who've been financially affected by the crisis. we look forward to returning to something that feels a little closer to life as we knew it, but until then you can see how we're here to help at [ piano playing ]
3:49 am
right now we're offering one week free of pureflix to new users. our hope is that our content can help fill these stressful hours, and provide a little comfort to you and your family, and ultimately nurture your spirit. thank you and god bless you. ♪
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3:52 am
one of the biggest hurdles to reopening the american economy is the lack of widespread coronavirus testing. brian: now we have a new at home test just to proved fda that really could help dr. steven hawaiian is the commissioner of the food and drug administration and member of the white house coronavirus and he joins us now. good morning, thanks for being with us. this is exciting news. first take home test and who can get their hands on it? >> good morning, ainsley. thank you for having me here this morning. ainsley: good morning. >> this is really great development and another example of the partnership between the federal government and fda and
3:53 am
lab developers across the country what this does is allow for home self-collection under certain conditions. labcorp is the company that developed. this the data shows us it tests accurate and safely done at home. labcorp is going to focus first on first line healthcare workers and first responders and then expand it to others if a first line healthcare worker or first responders has symptoms related to the disease, that is consistent with the cdc guidelines of who should be tested, they can go to the labcorp website, fill out a questionnaire. that questionnaire is immediately reviewed by a healthcare professional. in this case it's a licensed physician who then allows that test to be sent out. person at home does the swab in the nose. puts it in the tube of salt water and overnight back to the lab for those results -- for the test to be performed and then the results to be disseminated to healthcare professionals. so really quick and easy and a
3:54 am
nice approach for someone to stay at home and do this less risk to healthcare professionals they don't have to be the ones putting the swab in the person's nose. we will see more of this as we move forward. that's good because it's easy. so many people are talking about the immunity test to see if you have the antibodies in your system which means have you been exposed to it or have had it and might not have even known it. if that test is available and i would imagine some day it will be available to the home user aas well just for convenience. is that something where you use a swab up your nose or is that going to be something where you have to prick your finger. >> in this case covid-19. this case can be done two ways currently. we have authorized four applications. we have over 170 in the
3:55 am
pipeline. from developers who are looking at these tests. and what they can do is can you either take a blood test and run it on a machine in a laboratory or do a finger stick. we are waiting on some applications for finger sticks they are more complicated from the technical point of view. we need to make sure that the results we get from a finger stick are the same laboratory test. either of those could be done, of course, it would be more convenient at home testing if it were a finger stick. what we have learned from other infections and this is really important conditions like humidity, temperature and the way that that finger stick is performed really affect the accuracy of the test. so at home testing will take us some time to make sure that those tests are still valid and accurate when they are done in that setting as opposed to in the healthcare setting. brian: right. just 30 seconds left, steve, real quick. on this home test, what if you think you were exposed but you don't have any symptoms because keep hearing you are not going
3:56 am
to have any symptoms right away but could be something who is contagious. how would this test work then. >> what i would recommend that the questionnaire be filled out by someone who is concerned that they might be expoliciesed always -- and that will be reviewed by the healthcare professional. always in this situation where someone has been exposed they should contact a healthcare professional or a state public health laboratory or health official to actually report that so the appropriate measures can be tested including testing. ainsley: thank you so much, dr. hahn. stuart varney and mike huckabee both here in the next hour. stay with us. my gums are irritated.
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let's be honest. quitting smoking is hard. like, quitting every monday hard. quitting feels so big.
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so try making it smaller, and you'll be surprised at how easily starting small can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette. brian: today donald trump is expected to sign executive order to suspend immigration vowing to take care of american workers first. >> we have a solemn duty to ensure these unemployed americans regain their jobs and their livelihoods by pausing immigration we will help put unemployed americans first in line for jobs. we must first take care of the american worker. steve: this, as the house of representatives is set to vote tomorrow on phase 3.5, as some are referring to this latest phase of the coronavirus relief bill. ainsley? ainsley: that's right. and griff jenkins is live in washington with more on the
4:01 am
nearly $500 billion plan. hey, griff. griff: another big plan, brian, ainsley, steve, good morning. inspects another lifeline to struggling small businesses if the house can get it across the finish line. the senate did their part yesterday passing 484 billion-dollar relief package. let me show you what is in it. 321 billion for the ppp the program that ran dry. 60 billion for economic loans and grants. 57 billion for healthcare facilities and hospitals. 25 billion for national testing. senator rand paul opposed it because of the mounting debt but ultimately didn't stand in the way. as senator mcconnell raises concerns on the level of spending. >> i think it's also time to begin to think about the amount of debt that we are adding to our country. and the future impact of that but, until we can begin to open up the economy, we can't spend enough money to solve the problem. griff: so now it heads to the house where it is expected to pass tomorrow.
4:02 am
the stage is set for a potential showdown over how the house conducts their business. speaker pelosi wanting to change procedures to allow members to cast votes by proxy if unable to return to washington. >> we have to pass a bill to enable proxy voting. so the ppp will be on the basis of present and voting. and then we will go from there. groif. griff: speaker mccarthy says not so fast. how will it avoid potential abuses of power and when do you expect to be made public the scrutiny and changing 200 years of house precedent would merit. democratic leadership has said changing rules would only be during pandemic period. not a permanent change. it appears many g.o.p. leaders not on board. even those who have supported the idea of remote voting. and to be clear, this would be a separate vote on the proxy than the bill. but, as usual, things are complicated in washington.
4:03 am
and then there is always a chance that rep matthew shows up which like last sometime a bit of a problem. brian: they want everyone to show up and other people want to do a proxy vote. other people just want to be able to talk about it. thanks, griff. michael waltz a green beret and served in the national guard and dick cheney on his staff congressman from jacksonville joined us about a half hour ago. listen, get this straight. this is about all one howard k.o delayed it it's the speaker of the house despite what she says. listen. >> as a green beret and business, you lead from the front. and i don't understand why why speaker pelosi has had us out of session for almost a month. guess she is very comfort be in her kitchen in california. but the nearly million floridians i'm representing expect to us get to work. i'm ready to get to work. i'm ready to take those votes.
4:04 am
if we can have people in ambulances and our healthcare workers and folks in grocery stores and all of those brave americans that are out there taking risk, i'm ready to take those risk, too. brian: we know how to social distance and shop for food and go to cvs and rite-aid. you should be able as lawmakers get your n-95 masks and go in there and vote. if not it's got to be bipartisan can we do the zoom or remote voting. not something that should just be done by one party. and when she gets up there and says we did not delay and mitch mcconnell is trying to jam this down our throats. when any clear-thinking person who has been following this just said there is one problem with the 2.2 trillion-dollar situation. small business. there is not enough money there. so can we just insert something else in 10 days later? businesses have died. and then they come back with
4:05 am
more. ainsley: i agree. steve: of course, what the republicans want. they just want to know okay with this proxy thing, how does that work? what are the rules? so that will undoubtedly be forthcoming if they're planning to have a vote for tomorrow. meanwhile, the attorney general has been looking at the number of states that are starting to reopen in places like south carolina and georgia and florida as well. but then have you got other states where the governors stay-at-home orders are quite stringent and put the squeeze on businesses. and he said essentially. the attorney general did, that governors cannot imfringe on civil rights or national congress commerce take a more national approach. he was on with hewitt. here is the attorney general talking about how perhaps they could be going after some state governors. >> we have to give businesses
4:06 am
more freedom we are looking carefully at a number of these rules being put into place. if we think one goes too far we initially try jawbone the governors into rolling them back or adjusting them. if not if people bring lawsuits we file statements of interest and side with the plaintiffs. as lawsuits develop, as specific cases emerge in the states, we'll take a look at them. steve: what the attorney general is saying these businesses have a vested interest in trying to figure out the best, safest way to get back to business as well. i know much has been said about the state of georgia where they are going to start opening up places like gyms and salons and nail parlors as well they have come out with some recommendations, the state halls now, how you would social distancing, for instance, if you were at a barbershop or salon. what they would do is they
4:07 am
suggest you take the temperature of the employees. take the temperature of the customers. you limit the number of people there you put people in personal protective equipment, not the n-95 mask because those are just at this point for healthcare professionals. and you have dividers, ainsley, as well. just so that people, not only are safe but they feel safe. and that's what it comes down to. people aren't going to go out to places unless they feel safe. ainsley: yeah. you know, in south carolina the governor down there has talked about opening up the beaches again. letting the local law enforcement officials decide whether or not it's safe there. and that's what you have to keep in mind. every state. every county. every area is different. it's like jacksonville. you know, brian, you spend a lot of time in jacksonville. the beaches there are opening. you have to weigh out the options. if you have 3 30 cases per day. sometimes that's happening like the jacksonville area. are you not supposed to bring business back if there are only 30 cases. yes, every case is important. this is such a deadly disease or
4:08 am
deadly verizon and it can spread easily. do you have to weigh that to your point earlier, brian, we are smart people. if you don't feel safe going out. you can stay home, you know, unless you have to get back to work and maybe that's the fear of some of these people. you also have to follow the rules. that's what bill barr was saying. you still have to wear your mask, you have to distance yourself few go to these places. you have to be smart. the government is not going to tell you all the time what to do. eventually we have got to get the ball rolling and get people back to work. we want to do it in a safe manner. lindsey graham pushed back and said look we might be doing this too fast. we don't want to do it too fast but we do want people to go back to work. brian? brian: governor kemp came out and made a bold move. if we take albany out of it, georgia is doing fine. i think it's worth of risk. there is a downside to not doing anything and letting people's livelihoods and lives fall apart right before their eyes. so georgia will be open by the end of the week. south carolina says department stores and other retail businesses can open tuesday a week from yesterday.
4:09 am
texas, becomes the first state to commit to partially reopening for front. michigan, wisconsin and idaho expressed interest of in opening up may 1st. obviously new york connecticut take longer to get together on regional plan. people need to seat light at the end of the tunnel. we need to understand that these businesses have got to change. customers have got to decide if they want to be customers again or stay home or they want to do some telecommuting if indeed it is possible. i give the governor credit. don't look to criticize the atlanta mayor has every right to speak up and say, hey, i'm not comfortable with this. good. everyone has different opinions and different ideas. let's see what's going to work. and then in the end georgia and south carolina and florida and then try to get all 50 states. the president believes that 40% of the country could be opened up by maybe a week from now. let's hope. steve: right. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about what the state of missouri is feeling. according to the attorney general there, eric schmidt, billions of dollars of revenue
4:10 am
have been lost because of the coronavirus that has impacted the state of missouri. and so, the state of missouri is suing china because they say essentially the china covered this whole thing up, let it get out of hand. and now everybody everywhere is hurting. here's the a.g. >> what's become clear in recent weeks is the deception, the misrepresentation, the concealment of the chinese government of the origins of this vicious virus that's impacted the entire grown. we feel very confident in the case. essentially we have brought forth claims of a public nuisance and negligence. some folks have made issue as to the federal sovereign immunities act. but there are exceptions. there is exceptions for commercial activity. and the fact that they were running the viral lab. the fact that they were running hospital systems. the fact they were hoarding ppp squarely which is why we brought
4:11 am
the case. steve: right. it's that last part, ainsley, that he feels like he has got a shot at actually this going forward because he talks about the business; however, you know, most legal authorities say that there is legal chance that they would actually be able to ever collect because u.s. laws do not give foreign governments broad immunity because we want the same deal from them. ainsley: yeah. how are we going to get into that lab or into china to prove that this -- that they did start this in the lab, unintentionally but that it did happen there? who knows if this -- it's hard for us all to believe that actually somebody is going to see money from china. good for them for holding, you know, their feet to the fire on this because we do want some answers and we do need to hold china accountable. senator tom cotton was on with us. he was on another network by saying that china is culpable. so, you know, they are -- we are ready to get some answers. there are seven different lawsuits been filed. class action lawsuits. down in florida there is one
4:12 am
saying that china ne knew and ty acted too slowly we will see how they all play out. joe biden, many are wondering who is his vice president going to be? he was talking about it on the late show. listen. >> the first and most important quality is someone who if i were to walk away immediately from the office for whatever reason that they could be president. number two, the only thing i know a little bit about is the vice presidency and i know how it worked with barack and me -- president obama and me. and that is as his advice to me and he told me at the time was pick someone who has some background or some competence that may not be your strong point and that third thing is required. you have to be intellectually simpatico. you have to be on the same wavelength. brian: that's true. he also did not commit to a second term. he said i will decide after year three. keep in mind he has already committed to picking a woman. he did have a podcast with amy
4:13 am
klobuchar. i'm not sure if governor whitmer is helping or hurting herself in michigan. seems to be helping donald trump more by some of her policies. we will see where that goes. also kamala harris has been speaking out. kind of auditioning it seems even though she was kind of aggressive with him early on in the debates. so, we will see where that goes. you know, he is sitting there in his garage doing interviews trying to be relevant. some of the things that he says he would do different are the most generic statements you could possibly imagine. they are under the definition of generic in the dictionary. trying to be critical of the president be relevant. very tough. hes is less one of the best thing he does meet people stare them in the eye and shake their hand. in this new environment, guys, he can't do any of that this is going to be brand new ballgame. anyone who says they know how this is going to go is just not being candid. steve: well, he did say beings yesterday, joe biden did, that you know, he would like to get out of his basement and he would like to be doing these remotes somewhere outside. but, nonetheless, you know, he
4:14 am
did, lawrence jones, who was with us just about an hour ago, said essentially biden has boxed himself in because he said he would pick a woman whereas you watch the national stage right now, and you see that andrew cuomo, the governor of the great state of new york. met with the president yesterday. he has been a leader on trying to figure out how to proceed with this. he said that guy would actually be a pretty good running mate if -- and here is lawrence. >> not just the progressives, he is going to have some problems with independents. there is this question if he is fit for office. if he didn't box himself in, he should have chose a cuomo. and the only democrat that has gotten national audience is cuomo. and cuomo has been as someone that me personally i disagree with his politics but he has been pretty good on the national stage. again, biden can't choose him because he already said he is going to choose a woman.
4:15 am
steve: okay. so going forward, this selection -- this v.p. selection panel that joe biden has selected is going to convene on may 1st. and ainsley he says he should have the list narrowed down to three names by the first of july. ainsley: we're all waiting to find out who they are. so, i think it is wonderful that a woman would be on the ticket, but i do understand what lawrence is saying that he boxed himself in saying that so early on when there are so many other men that are equally as powerful and good at leadership. so, we'll continue to watch that and see who he picks. all right. the senate passing a nearly 500 billion-dollar relief bill, but, is it enough to save small businesses? stuart varney says not if the economy stays shut down and he is on deck. in nearly 100 years serving the military community, we've seen you go through tough times and every time, you've shown us, you're much tougher
4:16 am
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i think the american people are the ones who won. i think it's time to also begin to think about the amount of debt that we are adding to our country and the future impact of that. until we can begin to open up the economy, we can't spend enough money to solve the problem. steve: well, the senate has passed a nearly $500 billion, that's half a trillion-dollar relief bill to bring additional relief for millions of americans impacted by covid-19. the big important one is the top one, 321 billion for paycheck protection program. the question is this going to be enough to help these small businesses? here to weigh in host of varney and company on fox business stuart varney who joins us from
4:21 am
our world headquarters. stuart, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: big question is, is this 321 billion going to be enough to augment what was already spent with this personal -- rather, this paycheck protection program because already pnc bank has come out and said we don't think that's going to be enough to cover the loans that people have already applied for. >> look. congress has throne an thrown es amount of money into the pot to rescue the economy. you ask is it enough? my answer is straightforward no, it is not enough if this economy stays shut down into may and june. demands for ever more rescue money the longer the economy stays shut. now, let's refer to what you were just talking about latest rescue package. $300 billion go into the paycheck protection program and another 60 billion going into
4:22 am
emergency small business fund. secretary mnuchin, who is going to be on my program later this morning, he says that's the last wave of support for small business. senator rand paul says we can't go on printing bailout money for an economy that is shut down. and i think he's right. the bottom line here, steve, and, by the way, senator schumer is already calling for another rescue package, $150 billion, maybe for state and local governments, rent subsidies, et cetera, et cetera. the bottom line steve is the longer this economy stays shut down, the more there is going to be demands for rescue packages another 5, 6, 7, and 8, so on down the line. we have got to get back to work because the economic page and the cost of staying out of work is astronomical. steve: absolutely, i think you are right about that. when you hear pnc bank say we don't think there is enough
4:23 am
money coming down the way for the people who have already applied and then you hear antidotal information, stories. i know somebody who said they are a small business. they applied to one of the big banks and they said you know what? we are not really interested in helping you out because we can make more money with the big companies. and then you hear shake shack, you know, they showed up on a list. now they are embarrassed. they are returning $10 million. and harvard got 9 million, even though they have one of the biggest endowments. perhaps the biggest endowment in the world. they say it's not to help them as a business though. it's to help the students. you know, these lists of the big companies that are getting it before the small businesses, that's got a lot of people going hey, wait a minute. this is not supposed to be that way. >> absolutely. there is obviously something wrong with the process and perhaps with the terms of the handout of the money to small business. now, president trump says look, hey you, harvard, have you got a $40 billion endowment fund. you got the money to help
4:24 am
struggling students apparently. well, you don't need that money with a $40 billion endowment. and i think he wants them to give it back. whether they will or not is another story. you are right about shake shack. they got $10 million. they are a chain. they didn't really need it. and they are going to hand it back. so you are right. there is something wrong with the process and there is something wrong with the terms under which these small business people get their money. that may well be reformed and refind as we go forward. it certainly should be. but there are going to be more and more demands for more and more rescue money the longer we stay shut down. look, i'm going to express the opinion, open up as soon as possible, as safely as possible but, please. open up. steve: you are absolutely right. there has got to be a balance. have you got to balance the need to restart the economy because that's the whole enchilada as opposed to safety. because, you have got to feel
4:25 am
safe. have you got feel safe at work. have you got to feel safe as a customer going forward. otherwise, it's just not going to work. >> right. ordinary people, forgive the expression. you and i and everybody else we have to be convinced there is safety in going back to work. safety in going back to a restaurant even if you keep social distancing. without that feeling that, yes, you are safe, people won't go. and you will still have a largely shut down economy. so it's confidence in the precautions being taken to get back to work and get back into society. a delicate balance, steve. we have got to run that balance. we have got to do it. steve: yep. stuart is going to get back to work just about 95 minutes from right now right over there on the fox business network for varney and company. stuart, thank you very much. >> surely. steve: meanwhile the country of china apparently ramping up spy efforts in the u.s. as it deflects blame for coronavirus.
4:26 am
our next guest says two countries are on a full blown coalition course over cia chief daniel hough map explains that coming up next. under siege from a virus we all have the power to defeat. ed: by staying home and practicing social distancing when in public. >> washing our hands in soap and water for at least 20 seconds. brian: support families, support first responders and support each other. >> go to to find information to keep you and your family safe.
4:27 am
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ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert iran launching first satellite into space. told agencies are working to confirm if the satellite actually did reach orbit. the u.s. military believes these launches help iran's nuclear capabilities. earlier congressman michael waltz told us that he agrees. >> a that can put a satellite up in space can also carry a nuclear war head. for critics of the president about withdrawing from the iran deal, it's not just about making the bomb.
4:31 am
it's also the missiles and those components. the ability to put it into a war head. ainsley: pretty scary. this comes at a time when iran is bragging about its navy's capabilities. just last week armed iranian boats were caught on camera performing dangerous maneuvers around our warships in the persian gulf. north korean state media staying silent on dictator's kim jong un's whereabouts aspects stirs about his health. is he reporterredly very ill after undergoing cardiovascular procedure. gordon cheng joined "fox & friends" earlier and he said kim is missing a major north korean celebration and that is a big sign. >> he did not show up for the most important event on the north korean political calendar which is the april 15th celebration of the birth of his grandfather he wouldn't have misted that unless it was something that really put him down. ainsley: president trump wished him well citing their good
4:32 am
relationship. brian? brian: thanks, ainsley. officials tell fox news china is ramping up u.s. spy efforts on u.s. soil as the communist country tries to deflect blame for the coronavirus. the next guest calls the pandemic china's chernobyl. he joins us now station chief fox news contributor dan hoffman. dan, if it's their chernobyl, they have knocked off their axis? are they on their back foot right now because of what they have inflicted on the world and what happe country? > i actually think the coronavirus has made them more aggressive. they are trying to get out their narrative that they weren't responsible for concealing, which they were the outbreak of the virus from not only their own citizens but the rest of the world but really caused great harm worldwide seeing ongoing effort on their part to conduct massive espionage against us. we are seeing them take
4:33 am
advantage of the coronavirus. they shipped lots lots of drones to a chinese firm to over 20 states. in the united states that conduct surveillance. and it's an opportunity for china simply to download reporting on our critical infrastructure. brian: you don't think that the european nations that have been destroyed. economies that are flat on their back, all because of china's irresponsibility, which they have said in kind. you don't think that is a set back to their unsavory activity? >> well, i think it remains to be seen. i think there will be lots of european countries and certainly in our own country will be questioning whether we want to rely on china for key supply chain. we have already had that discussion about huawei over concerns that china would use 5g technology to spy on us as they do their own citizens. i think that that certainly is a concern going forward and it's an opportunity for the united states to lead the way. but, for sure, china is still
4:34 am
trying to use their one bell one road initiative. death trap diplomacy and mount again massive espionage to steal intellectual property and target other concern tris particularly the united stated the defense sector and intelligence community. brian: remember hong kong. remember the protests, they couldn't stop them. over the last few days they have arrested a dozen democratic protesters in hong kong. how significant, dan? >> i think it's is significant using the coronavirus to deny hong kongers the right they have to freedom of assembly. that's what belies the united states and china. what scares xi jinping the most freedom and liberty what's enshrined in our constitution in the bill of rights. that's why we represent such a threat to china. it's only going continue to crease in intensity in the coming months and years.
4:35 am
brian: many hopefully some will understand unpatriotic. have to see it's not all about the dollar. hopefully woke up to that dan, thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: president trump and governor cuomo having a productive meeting at the white house. former governor mike huckabee says violates it means vital because we put it in bold in the prompter for both sides to get along next. at chevy, we promise to do ours. we're offering current chevy owners onstar crisis assist services and complimentary wifi data. to help keep you on the road, the chevy certified service experts are here and ready to help if you require parts, maintenance or repairs. you can even schedule your service appointments online. it's just our way of doing our part.
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4:39 am
steve: moments ago, president trump tweeted this out: i will be signing my executive order prohibiting immigration into our country today. in the meantime, even without this order, our southern border, aided substantially by 170 miles of new border wall and 27,000 mexican soldiers, is very tight, including for human trafficking. ainsley? >> all right, steve. let's bring in mike huckabee former fox news contributor,
4:40 am
former governor of arkansas. former g.o.p. presidential candidate. he is wearing many hats. good morning, governor. >> good morning. you said i was a former fox news contributor. maybe you said something i don't know. ainsley: it said it in the prompter. i was wondering that too. it said that i wasn't going to ask. okay, so no. you would know. governor, we wanted to get your opinion on this. 22 million people out of work. we need to put america first. what do you say? >> what's so hard about that? even democrats ought to figure the math on this. 22 million americans don't have a job right now. so why in the world would we be importing people to come in and take a job that 22 trillion americans desperatel2 -- 22 milr families. same people criticize him for everything. they will criticize donald trump if he personally and we stocked
4:41 am
nancy pelosi $24,000 freezer with the finest its crime that's ever been created. they will still say he didn't pick the right flavors and didn't bring hot fudge sauce. he has got to do what he is bring doing for america and american workers. he is doing that it doesn't mean people can't come into the country as tourists. we would love to have some tourists when things open up but not as workers. we have americans that need jobs right now. it's pretty simple. brian: right. he also says, he went on to say decision is going to decide about temporary workers, people with work visas, ag workers where they are needed where they have to import people to do it. and different businesses are going to be exempted from his 60 day pause on immigration. but the other big story is the way the southern border, especially, has really settled down. i mean, now it's so easy. you come in, you are leaving right away. and they did get in double figures people testing positive
4:42 am
for the coronavirus. and can't say enough about mexico's cooperation. governor, i cannot believe in our lifetime that we're seeing this cooperation between our two countries. >> well, i think the president has, from the very beginning, the moment he came down the escalator made it very clear we're not going to have an open border. americans agree with that there are a handful of leftist that don't that don't want to us have borders at all. they're the same lettist that live mostfully gated communities or behind their own personal gates and have armed guards taking care of them. a lot of measures can't afford that the president has done what he said he is going to do. he strengthened the southern border. i think it's going to be a major mainly part of why people reelect him in november. steve: i wouldn't be surprised if it winds up more of a southern border thing than anything else from what have you just said. meanwhile, you are a former governor. that is absolutely true. and a current governor, andrew cuomo, apparently had requested a meeting with the current
4:43 am
president in the white house. got it yesterday. we heard from both of men it. sounds like it was a good meeting. here's the president and the governor. >> had a very productive meeting with governor cuomo. i'm proud of the relationship my administration has forged with new york and the federal government has spared no expense or resource to get new yorkers the care they need and the care they deserve. >> it was very productive and it was positive. and we got a lot done. i have been talking for a number of days as have most governors about testing as the next phase that we have to enter into. we're starting to talk about reopening. and planning reopening. steve: we heard from the president, governor huckabee, that apparently they don't need the comfort ship in the new york area. they are going to return it to virginia. but, nonetheless, you know, the governor who has been very vocal first about ventilators and then
4:44 am
the administration responded and got them as many ventilators as they possibly okay now they appear to be at the right stage. but now what seems to be a common thing heard from many democrats is they need something done federally regarding testing. nonetheless, it's good to see the two of them getting together and having a good meeting. >> that's exactly how this ought to work. these are not two guys normally fraternize with one another. both fraternize they are both new yorkers. give the resources not just to new york but to all the states. it's interesting that some his biggest critics have been his biggest supporters not necessarily politically but grateful to him for the fact that his administration has been johnny on the spot when it came to getting what they needed whether it's ventilators or masks or ppes and they can't deny that and are not denying it to their credit.
4:45 am
they are giving him the proper respect that he deserves for this. ainsley: governor, governors are making tough decisions and some are being criticized for the decisions they are making. lindsey graham criticizing -- not criticizing but saying to the governor of georgia, maybe you are opening -- you are going back too soon. because this is what he is doing. brian kemp, the governor of georgia on friday gyms, tattoo parlors, salons, on monday movie theaters and restaurants. just follow the rules and tough social distance. this is what he said. >> we took measured steps to get to the shelter in place. now we are taking measured steps to come out of that. you also have to get our business owner or that owner in a hair salon, you know, the ability to be able to be a partner in this fight that we're in. i imagine there will be people in gyms that will be a lot safer than they would be going to the grocery store. so this is going to take some common sense. our people in our state have learned a lot through this.
4:46 am
they have helped us be a solution to the problem to flatten the curve. ainsley: governor, is that a good idea? >> look. i think he is very careful in what he is saying. he is making it clear. we're not going to throw the switch and everything is open. but he also recognizes that people have something that abraham lincoln said there wasn't a lot of. he said common sense isn't very common. there is lacking a lot of common sense. you have got to trust people who run businesses. they don't want somebody to come to their place of business and get sick. they will disinfect things and practice social distancing. if they don't, then go deal with it. i'm thinking about driving up to georgia this weekend to get a hair cut and tattoo myself. heck a lot of us have been sheltered so long that we are just ready to at least start living. doing it carefully, doing it prudently, but at the same time, we cannot shut the economy and the country and for that matter the world down indefinitely.
4:47 am
brian: governor, i just know if there is any room left on your body for another tattoo with the ones have you already. ainsley: turning into pete hegseth. brian: i'm going to georgia for a massage. ainsley: yep. brian: thanks, governor. good luck. ainsley: thank you. brian: brian and still with fox. brian: even after that appearance. ainsley: i read it still he is with it if he are having him on. brian: that's how we get rid of people in the prompter. that's how they find out. ainsley: you still have a job jillian, too. jillian: does it still say i have a job, brian? brian: yes, absolutely. go get them, jillian. jillian: start off with your headlines. dozens of troops brave iranian missile attack despite being warned hours earlier. revealing the firsthand account including lieutenant colonel al-assad air base saying a prayer leaving her fate in god's
4:48 am
hands. launched 12 ballistic missiles on american troops two air bases in iraq earlier this year. u.s. service members were not killed in the attack: the former ucla soccer team plead guilty. he is accused of accepting $200,000 in bribes to help get two students accepted to the university. under his deal, the feds will recommend one year of supervised release. dozens have been charged in the scam, including aches at the lori loughlin and her husband. their trial starts in october. now to some of the top trending stories on first up "the view" co-host meghan mccain calling the ad trump campaign against nancy pelosi a quote kill shot it. compares nancy pelosi freezer of ice cream with people waiting in hours in line at a food bank. come cruise was focused on becoming the greatest action
4:49 am
hero in the history of film. finally new text messages revealed in court between meghan markle and her father just days ahead of her royal wedding. the messages proving prince harry and the duchess tried to help him when allege he was ghosted. to read more about these stories and more can you download the fox news app. the news moves fast and we can help you. got you covered. guys, send it back to you. steve: there is a lot going on on jillian, thank you very much. meanwhile, 11 minutes before the top of the hour. a debate is brewing over who should provide testing to the states. but isn't it important to have the right test? dr. marc siegel on that coming up right here on "fox & friends." every financial plan needs a cfp® professional --
4:50 am
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>> right now there is over half a million tests sitting capacity, that are not being utilized. i mean, this is not sitting in a warehouse. these are physically in these laboratories sitting there right now. we have tests sitting there and equipment sitting there. that alone doubles our testing capacity per week. >> there is capacity out there it is our job working with the states. ainsley: so we have heard at these task force briefings that
4:54 am
coronavirus tests are sitting in labs a coordinated effort is needed to get them out to the states. in the latest relief deal 25 million toward state led testing. don't we need to make sure we have all the right tests dr. marc siegel joins us now. good morning, dr. siegel. >> good morning, ainsley. good to see you. ainsley: we keep hearing from these governors that are doing the stay-at-home orders that we have to have the right tests. we have to have more tests. but, apparently, according to dr. birx, we need to administer them. but it's important to have the right tests. right? >> ainsley, absolutely right. dr. birx is right there. is at least half a million tests sitting in different labs or in facilities that haven't gotten out there yet. secondly, we have tested close to 5 million people but the process is laborious, where you are online where someone in a hazmat suit is testing you very invasive. we are transitioning now to rapid testing, point of care
4:55 am
testing with narrow nasal swabs or self-administered the way that labcorp got permission yesterday from the fda. this is transition process. it's not a political football. ultimately, we are going to have a lot more testing capacity, rapid testing and the $25 billion that the senate approved yesterday that the house will surely approve tomorrow. that 25 billion is going to go towards a more coordinated effort among the states to roll out rapid testing. point of care testing across the country. that will decrease the amount of positives that -- that will increase the amount of positives that we have but we'll also get a lot of negatives that way. we will be able to figure out who has this much more. everybody wants the same thing. i don't think that it should be a political football at all. i think we are totally moving in the right direction here. ainsley: yeah. remember a month ago we all wanted those rapid tests and now i feel like the country wants the antibody test to figure out if we have it. if we have the antibody we can go back to work.
4:56 am
where are we on that? >> that's a separate issue and i'm glad you brought that up. ainsley, the antibody test shows you have had it, you have been exposed to it, you are getting over it. 90 companies have applied to fda for emergency approval. a good chunk of the 25 billion is going to go towards research and development and verifying which test works. once we know which tests work. here is the key. are you immune? you have had it. you are over it. are you immune? if you have an immunity card antibody immune you can go back to work. ainsley: okay. thank you so much, dr. siegel. arizona senator martha mcsally and texas governor greg abbott are both here live next. ♪ a lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher doesn't get everything clean. i tell them, it may be your detergent...
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ainsley: today president trump will sign an executive order to suspend immigration vowing to take care of american workers first. >> we have solemn duty to ensure unemployed americans by pausing immigration will help unemployed americans first in line for jobs. we must first take care of the american worker. brian: all right, this as the house is set to vote tomorrow on phase 2.5 you could say of the coronavirus relief bill. steve: meanwhile griff jenkins live from capitol hill. actually on capitol hill, not
5:01 am
far from the capitol with information on the rescue plan. griff: another relief for small businesses. the senate did their past yesterday passing 484 billion-dollar relief package. let's look at what is in it. 221 for payment protection plan and 25 billion for national testing. rand paul stood in opposition of mounting debt. >> i think it's also time to begin to think about the amount of debt that we are adding to our country and the future impact of that. but until we can begin to open up the economy, we can't spend enough money to solve the problem. griff: the house tried to move quickly, it's expected to pass tomorrow but a fight over
5:02 am
another issue released in the agenda and that's how house conducts business during pandemic. speaker pelosi to change rules to allow members to vote by proxy if unable to vote to get to washington. >> the ppp will be on the present and voting and then we will two from there. griff: don't expect republicans to go along. congressman had this to say. >> any changes to house of representatives have operated for 200 plus years needs to be bipartisan and needs to be discussed. griff: the democratic leadership says this change will only be an interim step during the crisis, not a permanent change and one thing is for sure. tomorrow's voting in the chamber would look very different than ever before with the spacing, with how they conduct business to try and remain safe, perhaps wearing masks, nevertheless, the
5:03 am
focus of all the lawmakers already shifting to the next order of business and that's called phase 4, another massive relief bill, brian, ainsley. ainsley: a lot of people say that's not enough money for all of the people that have already applied. we will see. the president tweeted 7 minutes ago. states are safely coming back. our country coming to open again. special care especially seniors and that's me, we love you all. that's a positive message. i'm watching brian, steve, i'm watching now trickle down to south carolina. they haven't had as many cases an that's why the governor down there is opening some of the businesses down there, but on several of my parents' friends and friends that i grew up their friends had it. i don't consider them senior because i do still see them when i was 18 year's old, they technically are and one of my
5:04 am
friend's dad is in the hospital and another one mom and dad had it but they seem to be doing okay. brian: dr. oz knows all of that. dr. oz, we are focusing on georgia going back, what florida is doing, no matter where you are, what state you're in or who your governor is, if you are in a certain age bracket and have underlying conditions, you still have to take those precautions, right? dr. oz: we do, 60% of the u.s. population really isn't going to be affected by phases 1 and 2 because there's still going to be asked to stay primarily at home. they have core morbid conditions. it's not just those states but factors like diabetes and blood pressure. the vulnerable to vital program that we have been pushing and we should continue to push the
5:05 am
nation will get people to address those risk factors which is good for you anyway and at this point it's life-saving potentially and reduce the chance of those risk-factors being present when you get to the virus if if you contract it god forbid. it's important part of the recommendations. steve: that's right. you were talking about vulnerable too, vital, for the people who would like to look at it, real quickly, dr. oz, is it on your website? dr. oz: it's on my website, i post around it. this is the fundamentals ideas that we have been talking about as a nation for a long time. it's time to focus on it. it can have immediate benefits especially this winter because there's concerns about a second wave. steve: in fact, that was a perfect segue. here is a quote from the cdc director robert redfield.
5:06 am
there's a possibility that the assault of the virus on our nation next winter will actually be more difficult than the one we just went through and now here is dr. birx who was at the press briefing last night talking about early signs. >> i think this has been pretty bad. when you see what has happened in new york, that was very bad. i believe we will have warning signals from surveillance that we have been talking about on the vulnerable populations. we will continue that surveillance from now all the way through the fall to be able to give us that early warning signal. i think what we have learned is how good americans are about immediately reverting to all of those issues that they need to do in order to ensure that they are protected and their families. steve: dr. birx makes a good point, dr. oz, because we are in surveillance mode going forward but when this hit us, we didn't
5:07 am
know it was coming because china wasn't forthcoming, they weren't honest with us. dr. oz: we didn't know what the signs were of covid-19. i think as a planet we were still figuring it out. i didn't know and so we were still figuring it out. the nice thing about surveillance system it's already there. we have for emergency room and emergency centers. we can identify influenza and now covid-19. whatever part of the country you're in, but the winter, back to redfield's point is important time for us because if you add influenza and covid-19 together which is not what happened this year. we were pretty much through the influenza season. but if they're both hitting the healthcare at the same time you have to beef up infrastructure. today past fda chief says we need a ready healthcare system
5:08 am
so we can deal with influx of additional patients because you combine them and can overwhelm us. we get a stockpile. ppe. we have to get vulnerable folks are protected. here is an argument that i will make, i don't know what your past dealings have been on everybody, this is a good year to take the influenza vaccine. it's not perfect but it can reduce you getting influenza. ainsley: a lot of schools require to get vaccine. do you recommend we get that earlier this year so we don't take up just -- we don't get sick and take up hospital beds for people that are going to need those bed for corona if this does come back in the winter? dr. oz: as soon as test comes available, september, october time frame you should get the vaccine. i've gotten it every single year. most physicians and healthcare workers do, but i think as an average citizen why would you
5:09 am
not take the opportunity. if you'd had a vaccine for covid-19, you for sure would take it. reduce the burden on the system. brian: all right, let's go to hydroxychloroquine. came to the conclusion that they did no benefit and still had 19 deaths. what's your reaction since we all have been doing heavy work if this works or not? dr. oz: va study looked at older and sicker patients and all male patients and they showed that the drug didn't offer harm in the population. other studies, they look back to see what had happened because they weren't getting the data at the time that they were actually giving the medications. studies that have done this perspectively so looking forward and giving it as collecting data as they are going along like france and randomize china has shown benefits but really only when given earlier to patients. the fact of the matter, we don't know.
5:10 am
thankfully the medications are prescription only so doctors are desperately awaiting the completion of the higher-quality randomized trials and we covered them on the show several times. south dakota, university of minnesota has over a thousand patients randomized. let's get the data so we know what we are dealing with. steve: also let's go ahead and -- brian: is it important to know what they're combining it with and dozage? don't you have the zpac? dr. oz: a lot of variables, brian, we are better waiting for randomized trials dr. fauci is asking for otherwise we would be be reacting back and forth. a lot of it has to do when you get the medication. you give it to people who have breathing tubes on their throat it's not going to have the same effect as if they got it early. we don't have randomized data in
5:11 am
the united states to educate us right now. steve: right. the key is trying to figure out how it all works and what we can do and what going forward works the best. meanwhile, we had the fda commissioner with us, dr. oz, just an hour and a half ago talking about the first test you could actually do from the convenience of your own home. here is dr. hahn. >> this is a great development and partnership from the federal government and fda and lab developers across the country. what this does is it allows for home self collection under certain conditions. lab corp. is the company that developed this. the data shows the test is accurate and can be safely done at home. so really quick and easy on nice approach for someone to stay at home and do this, less risk to healthcare professionals because they don't have to be the ones putting the swab in the person's nose and we will see more of this as we move forward.
5:12 am
steve: because just the sheer numbers, dr. oz, of people who are concerned. what sort of requirements would be involved in calling up one of the companies and asking for one of the tests? do you have to have the symptoms , doctor's suggestion, what? dr. oz: you have a survey and the doctor prescribes it for you, which by the way in some states like new york and new jersey, restrictions on how you order the lab tests. i'm not quite sure that you can get them here yet but then you get a q-tip, not the long swab, you gently get the front of your nose, the edge of your nostril. that's why you can do it at home. no one will put the long swab up their nose and it's uncomfortable but this could probably do by yourself. i want to point out that there are other companies that allowed to have the products out there.
5:13 am
the fda told them no and i'm sure we will have additional companies that can gather saliva, again, easy to do, fill out survey and doctor prescribes it and you spit in the tube as in the case of this lab corp., swab the edge of your nostrils and send it back and they will give you the results expeditiously. ainsley: all right, dr. oz, great to you, great information. let's head over to jillian, she had headlines. hey, jillian. jillian: iran launching first military satellite into space. fox told our agencies are working to confirm in the satellite reached orbit. u.s. military believes the launches headquarter iran's nuclear capabilities. earlier congressman waltz tells us he agrees. >> they put up satellite in space and nuclear war head and so for critics of the president about withdrawing from the iran deal. it's not just about making the
5:14 am
bomb, it's missals and those comp sents and ability to put them in a -- >> jillian: both caught on camera performing dangerous maneuvers around u.s. warships in the persian gulf and the president tweeting moments ago, quote, i have instructed the united states navy to shoot down and destruct any iran gun boats if they harass our ships at sea. now to fox business alert, the biggest u.s. airline facing major setback. delta reporting 534 million-dollar loss in its first quarter. the airline now warning of an even bigger saying revenue can drop by 90% between april and june amid the coronavirus outbreak. the company cfo who announced his retirement in february is now staying to help the airline through this crisis. dr. anthony fauci easing a little girl's concerns amid the covid-19 outbreak.
5:15 am
listen to this. [inaudible] >> because of the coronavirus and can you catch the virus? >> i have to tell you, i don't think you need to worry about the tooth fairy. when you get your tooth out, stick it under the pillow and i guaranty you that the tooth fairy will not get infected and not going to get sick. jillian: sounding off on actor's will smith talk show. ainsley: that's great. brian: that is great. fauci has said that air of confidence about him where i actually believe the tooth fairy can get there through the pandemic. jillian: i agree. brian: nothing really stopping the tooth fairy who is a woman, right? [laughter] brian: i'm pretty sure. thanks so much, jillian. coming up straight ahead president trump to spend --
5:16 am
suspend immigration, tom homan says not only will protect a lot has changed in the last few weeks. but one thing hasn't: breakfast. and, if that feels like a little bit of comfort, it's thanks to... the farmers, the line workers and truckers, the grocery stockers and cashiers, and the food bank workers, because right now breakfast as usual is more essential than ever.
5:17 am
to everyone around the world working so hard to bring breakfast to the table, thank you.
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steve: the president has tweeted, quote, i will be signing my executive order prohibiting immigration into our country today. in the meantime even without this order our southern border 170 miles of border wall and 20,000 mexican soldiers is very tight including for human trafficking. our next guest praises the president's move in fox news op-ed saying it would, quote, protect our health, jobs and wages. here to discuss fox news contributor and retired ice director tom homan, author of the new book, defend the border and save lives. good morning to you, mr. homan. tom: good morning, steve. steve: and what the president has said, he made it very clear he would close the border to suspend i should say immigration for 60 days. the idea being to clamp down on the number of incoming cases of
5:22 am
covid, but at the same time he mentioned jobs and with 22 million americans out of work right now, that we know of and the number is probably going up, if you're going to hire somebody, hire an american. tom: look, i think it's a great decision by a great president. he's doing two things. number one what he should be doing as the president of the united states, he's protecting americans of further spread of the virus and also protecting american worker. that's exactly what a president should be doing. so i applaud him for this and i think it's great first move and i know during thinks press conference yesterday he said he may expand on this executive order which i think we should. we should be looking at temporary workers coming especially high-skilled workers h1v visas. there's room for expansion, but this is a great move by the president to protect the american people and keep his promise. it's a fantastic move and
5:23 am
anybody that distracts from this or attack the president from this, they don't have america number one in their heart. steve: tom, we don't know exactly the department of state is waiting for guidance on what kinds of visas would be suspended, but will you just look at the numbers, seems like the most number of visas that are approved are for people related to american citizens. does that sound about right to you? tom: yeah, that's a large portion. there's some exemption to this. i think -- >> steve: yeah. tom: husbands, wives, children may be exempted. he's talking about those seeking green cards, but i think it's a first good move and he will have exemption for healthcare workers and people vital to food supply chain and first move is a great move. steve: joe biden who is the
5:24 am
presumed democratic nominee said this, he issued a statement, rather than execute swift effort to ramp up testing for covid, donald trump is tweeting rhetoric about immigrants in the hope he can distract everyone from the core truth. he moved slowly to contain the virus and we are all paying for it. is joe biden right, is donald trump changing the subject because he's -- he's blown it on covid? tom: i think joe biden is very wrong. first of all, i think the president has done a great job with covid. i think he made a lot of moves from the beginning and people questioned moves about stopping traffic from china, but more importantly joe biden wants to be the president of the united states. he should be putting american workers first, he should be putting the health and safety of american workers first. that's what the president has done. the president is doing exactly what a president is supposed to do and american people expect him to do, he's a great
5:25 am
president. steve: all right, tom homan joining us from his location, tom, thank you very much. tom: thanks for having me. steve: you bet you. well, big news yesterday in the sports world, rob gronkowski and tom brady back together. now reunited in florida. reaction pouring in from around the league coming up next on "fox & friends" wer my blood sugar and a1c. wer because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. once weekly trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. it starts acting from the first dose. and it lowers risk of heart attack, stroke, or death in people with known heart disease or multiple risk factors. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction,
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♪ ♪ brian: all right, fist official, gronk is back, coming out of retirement and getting traded to tampa bay buccaneers. ♪ ♪ brian: because he's going back to super bowl there. here with more fork sports league college analyst, one to have best in the business joel clad. joel, we need something to talk about. this caught me by surprise. why do you think the patriots did it? >> well, i think it was one of the demands that tom brady had
5:30 am
of whatever team that he was was going to sign with. it's been now reported that one of the conditions of tom brady wherever he was going to sign that they were going to aggressive i will go after rob gronkowski and if you look at it from the patriots standpoint i think brian, it's very interesting that they will pick up a fourth round pick for this for a player that's not even going to play on their team, so from their standpoint this is giving some ward chest draft pick to bolster up roster for a player who wasn't going to be there in the first place. from.belichick is a win to pair with tom brady. brian: i thought belichick was going to give him a stare.
5:31 am
gronkowski will be hired. what do you think it's going to be like? you decide who you will draft and you sat there on the phone and sat there and made phone calls and try to catch up with your pick, how different will this be? >> it would be very different particularly for a bunch of guys. the gm's, head football coaches. they are not technology savvy. they are not sitting around and sitting how this works. the it for the detroit lions is hauled in rv in the gym. you can't make this stuff up. it's brilliant. just to go back to your first point, brian, it's incredible by important for our country that we have something that's live and something that has a bit of a cornerstone for hope, for the future, and for life sports going forward.
5:32 am
maybe not as poynant as game 3 of the world series in 2001 when president bush threw the first pitch but this is very important on thursday night, what's about to happen to all of us not just sports fans but from the it side, from just the entire draft structure side, i think it's going to be incredible by important. they did have a bit of a test run a couple of days ago and they were so worried about how trades would work out. brian, what they did is in their mock system 2 days ago they traded every pick of the first 16 pix -- picks of the draft to get the technical aspect running so gm and prospects would know what the process was like if and when they want to trade their pick on thursday night. brian: college football if it's not coming in the fall, they will put it in the spring. what was hearing? >> joel: at some point they
5:33 am
will have to play college football just from that standpoint. i'm hearing the same as you're hearing. a little bit of a lag, a little bit of a delay. one of the big sticking points is that the campuses are going to have to open up to the entire student population before they feel it's safe to bring the football players back and get them ramped up to play college football season. that's the benchmark that i'm waiting for, to see when presidents will have students back on campus and open up classes back on campus. brian: yeah, i guess, but don't football players report in august first or earlier? >> joel: they do. summer school is going on at all of the universities and it's always deemed safe for those students to be on campus, so until that happens, i think we will have a bit of a lag before football players are going to be accepted back on campus and they can prepare for the fall. brian: everything is new again. everyone has to be flexible and open and willing to be cooperate and football in the field and
5:34 am
fans in the stands. joel klatt, we will watch the trades and we will also watch the trades, appreciate it. the senate passing 500 billion-dollar relief bill. we will ask arizona senator martha mcsally
5:35 am
5:36 am
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
♪ >> my administration has worked aggressive with congress to negotiate this critical 482 billion-dollar funding package. we reached a deal that includes $382 billion in crucial small business support to keep workers on the payroll. $75 billion to aid hospital which is really need the aid and very badly, very proud of that, and $25 billion to support coronavirus testing efforts. ainsley: okay, well the senate passed it yesterday. gop senator martha mcsally she joins us now, good morning, senator. >> good morning, how are you? ainsley: good morning, we are great, thank you. so many people are out of work and so many people are not great because they've lost their loved ones. we are glad that this passed in
5:40 am
the senate or most people are. mnuchin said he expects this to be the last wave of payments. what if this is not enough? >> small businesses in my neighborhood all over arizona who are just struggling. they may not survive if they can't get access to this quickly. it stalled for way too long but we need them to be able to get through this and be able to get on the other side so they can provide the jobs, they poured their lives into this, their life savings into creating businesses. that's what this program was designed for, so we need to do everything we can to make sure they get the support they need. steve: great, that's why it's frustrating, senator, that they ran out of money early and then comes to light that places like shake shake that has a lot of money and harvard with 8, 9 million bucks. the president made clear that
5:41 am
harvard has to give the money back. >> harvard will pay back the money and they shouldn't be taking it, so harvard is going to. you have a number of -- i won't mention any other names, but when i saw harvard, they have one of the largest endowments anywhere in the country, neighbor world, i guess, and they will pay back that money. steve: you know, the frustrating thing about that, senator, for the small businesses looking in and they thought this is going to help me make payroll for those people we've had to ask not to come into work, but then i've got family members who have been dealing with a really big bank from many, many years and they were told you know what, you would be better off going to smaller bank because we will only do business with really big companies because we can make more money on the big companies with one deal than with 30 of the little deals. >> well, that's disgusting.
5:42 am
i have a masters from harvard but they need to give that money back. it came from another pot of money, they have a 40 billion-dollar endowment. they should help students with that and when we passed the legislation, we said what's the fasters way to get the money to small businesses and really the words of the day were speed, also grace, good faith and selflessness, right, we are all in this together as americans. we decided to use the financial institutions to more quickly get the money out. i tweeted out yesterday, dear big banks, the ppp money is not years, it's the taxpayers' money. they need to go to mom and pop shop. this isn't about relationships with others who have plenty of access to capital. you big companies out there, give the money back, support your workers. you big banks out there, you get that money out to those mom and pop shops, those one-person businesses, that's why we chose
5:43 am
to do it this way, do the right thing. brian: absolutely. i got so many emails from people, bakeries, delis and they need money right away and they are not getting it. hopefully you can solve that. i want to move another area of expertise because military background as fighter pilot. the president made it clear it's not okay for these smaller ships to attack our warships and he's different instructions out. he just tweeted this out. i want to share with this. i have instructed navy to destroy any iranian gun boat as they harass ships at sea and we will show you the video. you have probably seen it already. we can destroy the boats but they try it again do you believe that if you're the navy captain, as -- admiral you will blow them out of the water because of the tweet? >> they were doing this recklessly and no limitations and they were even taking our crews hostage and embarrassing
5:44 am
them and we are now showing strength using, you know, maximum pressure with iran and that includes ensuring that our military can defend themselves and protect themselves and the rules of engagement need to be clear having been in the military about what you need to do to ensure you protect ships. appreciate commander in chief who is showing strength there and we need to make sure that our sailors, soldiers, airmen and marines can protect ourselves and continue to show strength. ainsley: okay, thank you so much, senator, for being with us. >> god bless you, stay safe. ainsley: you too. let's hand it over the julian who is back in the studio with headlines. jillian: good morning to you, let's start with this, the small business administration reporting major data breach. the breach only affected businesses applying for disaster loans not ppp loans. sba is offering a year of credit
5:45 am
monitoring for those exposed to the breach. the fight against covid-19 taking fight in connecticut, pandemic drone that is can detect body temperatures using heat maps like this. it can also read heart rates and detect coughing or sneezing from 190 feet away. it can also measure social distancing. green you're 6 feet apart. red, not so much. heart warming message, watch this. >> nurses and doctors and fbi and everything else. do you have coronavirus? >> i do. i'm actually feeling better, though. >> we've had a few friends that have had it but recovered. jillian: country star crashing happy hour singing new song, no
5:46 am
eye in beer. he posted to text him virtual party invites. steve: april 22nd, janice dean monitoring the weather in extreme weather bunker from her basement and joins us live right now. janice: i have the technology despite being in the basement. in severe weather it's good to be in the basement. that's what we are going to focus on. yesterday in new york city area we had reported tornadoes, nothing confirmed right now but wind gusts in excess of 70 miles per hour. we still have wintery weather across the great lakes but the focus is across the central plains again today where we could see a severe weather outbreak including hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes and this is going to be existing across the plains and then moving east ward for the southeast and the mid atlantic
5:47 am
tomorrow. so hail, damaging winds and those tornadoes, we are going to see watches and warnings, know where you're getting warning in overnight hours and flash floods will be certain a possibility. we will give you up to date even in the fox news weather bunker, back to you. ainsley: the basement bunker. brian: no matter where it is it's good information and all accurate. the lone star state is beginning to reopen after weeks of a shutdown. texas governor greg abbott joins us with an update next and tells us what is happening with texas. first let's check with sandra smith as she carries ed henry for 3 hours. [laughter] sandra: good morning, brian kilmeade, ainsley and steve, good morning, everyone, how does the cdc, warning strong wave of covid-19 may be coming next winter. senator and dr. john borrasso will be joining us to react and more plus the latest on the race to the white house, joe biden
5:48 am
announcing biggest fundraiser yet. guy benson and karl rove to weigh in. stock index futures pointing to a rally on wall street this morning as congress secures more relief for small business. neil cavuto will join us live at the opening bell this morning about 40 minutes from now. join ed and me live from america's news room. we will see you at the top of the hour. what pain? advil liqui-gels minis. ♪ ♪
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steve: the state of texas has announced plan to begin to reopen the economy in phases starting with state parks and allowing some elected surgeries at hospitals. brian: that's just the beginning, here to give an update texas governor greg abbott. governor, one of the first to start reopening. what can i say, what can you tell everybody is next? >> well, first, we announced last week that several things are opening up this week already including what we call retail to go. what we've seen are the grocery stores that have been able to provide items for people to be able to pick up and take home and we have seen the same thing at restaurants and so we wanted to have a broad-base opening of retail to go of any type of retail sector, it could be jewelry, clothing, whatever the case may be. that is available this week.
5:53 am
for the stores and operators to be able to open up and customers be able to access that, that said that either later this week or early next week, we will be talking about a broad-base opening up in the state of texas making sure that all of retail and get this, it's about time a lot of people in the state of texas will have the opportunity to go to a hair salon and start taking care of their vital needs but most importantly we want the entrepreneurs, small businesses to have the opportunity to open up and so we -- we have been working on strategies about 24 hours a day and we will be making a big announcement this coming week. ainsley: we look forward to that. we heard a lot of the governor who is have done the stay at home orders that they want more testing and that's why they are continuing the state at home orders. many states with protests. how is testing in the state of texas? i understand that you've had
5:54 am
200,000 that have been tested. dr. birx says there's testing in storage and get them to the tests. has it been easy for you to get the tests? >> testing continues to increase and what we have coming up rapidly is one example. yesterday i announced that our national guard is fanning out across the entire state of texas and adding 3500 additional tests per week especially in areas that have gone undertested in the past but remember this most importantly, the most important for us to thing to look at is hospitalization rate and death rate. those are the things that show the consequences of exposure to covid-19. texas has one of the lowers death rates, if not the lowers death rate and flat hospitalization rate. what that shows you is that people in the state of texas are not suffering the dire consequences of exposure to covid-19 like what you have seen in places like new york.
5:55 am
steve: surely, because one size fits all approach doesn't work for every state of the union and you know better than anybody. governor abbott, i was talking to a senior administration official yesterday who said, you know, i hope that the governors do this right because we would hate to go the wrong way. are you confident that given the fact that one to have guidelines is you have to have 14 days where the trajectory is down, you haven't had that yet, is this the time to essentially pull the trigger? >> i am for a couple of reasons, one is we have had 13 days in a row of downward trajectory. high-watermark. the only day that we had more than a thousand people test positive in texas was 13 days ago and we've been trending down in flat line system but more important than that is that these decisions about opening up -- opening up in the state of texas are not being made by politicians, they are being paid by a team of experienced doctors
5:56 am
dealing with this including former fda administrator dr. mark mcclelan as well as covid-19 doctor for the university of texas and so we are listening to the doctors and we are following the data to make sure that we will be opening up in a very safe way. brian: governor, thanks so much for joining us. we have our fingers crossed that everything will go your way in texas. more "fox & friends" in just a moment. ean. i'll give you a hand. and i'm gonna put lisa on crutches! wait, what? said she's gonna need crutches. she fell pretty hard. you might want to clean that up, girl. excuse us. when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you built with customizable coverage. -and i'm gonna -- -eh, eh, eh. -donny, no. -oh.
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>> thanks for watching everybody. amongst my guests on radio from nine until noon, david faulk, about that incredible documentary series. ♪ >> sandra: at the cdc director out with the start new warning that a second more powerful wave of the coronavirus could be heading to the united states later this year. good morning everyone, i'm sandra smith. >> ed: and a very pleasant good morning to you, i met hen henry. what he tells "washington post" that it could return at the beginning of flu season. dr. deborah birx says she's not sure that it's going to be worse if the coronavirus comes back in the nation will get early warning sites i signs of it stas flaring up. georgia taking some of the biggest ups yet. governor brian kemp defending his moods with martha last night. >>


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